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Resiliency is the Key

You do not travel this journey alone. Everyone needs someone to walk with them through trials in life. Find your tribe. I found my tribe. My resiliency came through them. Let's start to build your tribe together today!
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Why Should You Join Us?

Delasber lets you know why she is here.

Delasber Grifffin Sanders



Delasber Sanders

I am a wife of 10 years and a mother of a 9 year old daughter who happens to have multiple diagnoses of epilepsy, autism spectrum disorder Level 3 and myasthenia gravis. She keeps me on my toes. Education is an important of who I am but, not all of who I am. I do hold an associate, bachelor and master degree and I am currently working on certification in autism studies at my alma mater, University of Louisiana at Monroe. I taught sixth grade English Language Arts for fifteen years before being blessed with my personal student... forget that... Personal TEACHER. She teaches me everyday. I have authored two books entitled No Greater Love: Parenting Through Multiple Diagnoses (Amazon #1 Bestseller) and No Greater Love: 21 Days of Resiliency. I continue to be amazed at the bravery of my daughter and others like her everyday. That is why I am working to be the voice for the voiceless.

Finding the Value

What good is darkness?

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Break the Darkness

Are you struggling trying to deal with the issues of life? Have you found that stresses take you to a different level that you wish didn't exist? Why not break the darkness now? Join me and let's find the value in your darkness to bring you into the light of life and love.